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Mary Ann Moran
Mary Ann Moran
Distinguished Research Professor

Mailing Address:
Dr. Mary Ann Moran
Department of Marine Sciences
University of Georgia
Athens, GA  30602-3636

Office Phone: (706) 542-6481
Lab Phone: (706) 542-5900
FAX Number: (706) 542-5888
Home Page:
Project Pages: Sapelo Island Microbial Observatory:
Marine Roseobacter genome sequences:

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Ph.D. 1987, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

M.S. 1982, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

B.S. 1977, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

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Research Emphasis:

Bacterial roles in the marine carbon and sulfur cycle; ecological genomics, metagenomics, and metatranscriptomics in coastal marine environments; diversity and structure of estuarine and coastal ocean bacterial communities; ecology and physiology of marine Roseobacter bacteria.

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Selected Publications:


Rivers, A. R., S. Sharma, S. G. Tringe , J. Martin, S. Joye, and M. A. Moran. 2013. Transcriptional response of bathypelagic marine bacterioplankton to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. ISME Journal doi:10.1038/ismej.2013.129.

Luo, H. and M. A. Moran. 2013. Assembly-free metagenomic analysis reveals new metabolic capabilities in surface ocean bacterioplankton. Environmental Microbiology. In press.

Swan, B. K., B. Tupper, A. Sczyrba, F. M. Lauro, M. Martinez-Garcia, J. M. González, H. Luo, J. J. Wright, Z. C. Landry, N. W. Hanson, B. P. Thompson, N. J. Poulton, P. Schwientek, S. G. Acinas, S. J. Giovannoni, M. A. Moran, S. J. Hallam, R. Cavicchioli, T. Woyke, and R. Stepanauskas. 2013. Prevalent genome streamlining and latitudinal divergence of marine bacteria in the surface ocean. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110: 11463-11468.

Luo, H., M. Csürös, A. L. Hughes, and M. A. Moran. 2013. Evolution of divergent life history strategies in marine alphaproteobacteria. mBio 4:4.

Moran, M.A., B. Satinsky, S. M. Gifford, H. Luo, A. Rivers, L.-K. Chan, J. Meng, B. P. Durham, Chen Shen, V. A. Varaljay, C. B. Smith, P. L. Yager, and B. M. Hopkinson. 2013. Sizing up metatranscriptomics. ISME Journal 7:237-243.

Gifford, S. M., S. Sharma, M. Booth, M. A. Moran. 2013. Expression patterns reveal niche diversification in a marine microbial assemblage. ISME Journal 7:281-298.

Schuller, D. J., C. R. Reisch, M. A. Moran, W. B. Whitman, and W. N. Lanzilotta. 2012. Structures of dimethylsulfoniopropionate-dependent demethylase from the marine organism Pelegabacter ubique. Protein Science 21: 289-298.

Varaljay, V. A., S. M. Gifford, S. T. Wilson, S. Sharma, D.M. Karl, and M. A. Moran. 2012. Bacterial dimethylsulfoniopropionate-degrading genes in the oligotrophic North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78:2775-2782.

Chan, L.-K., R. J. Newton, S. Sharma, C. B. Smith, P. Rayapati, A.  J. Limardo, C. Meile, and M. A. Moran. 2012. Transcriptional changes underlying elemental stoichiometry shifts in a marine heterotrophic bacterium. Frontiers in Aquatic Microbiology 3:159.

Rinta-Kanto, J. M., S. Sun, S. Sharma, R. P. Kiene, and M. A. Moran.  2012. Bacterial community transcription patterns during a marine phytoplankton bloom. Environmental Microbiology 14:228–239.

Moran, M. A., C. R. Reisch, R. P. Kiene, and W. B. Whitman. 2012. Genomic insights into bacterial DMSP transformations. Annual Reviews in Marine Sciences 4:523–42.

Reisch, C. R., M. J. Stoudemayer, V. A. Varaljay, and I. J. Amster, M. A. Moran, and W. B. Whitman. 2011. Novel pathway for assimilation of dimethylsulphoniopropionate widespread in marine bacteria. Nature 473: 208–211.

Luo, H., A. Löytynoja, and M. A. Moran. 2012. Genome content of uncultivated marine roseobacters in the surface ocean. Environmental Microbiology 14:41-51.

Gifford, S. M., S. Sharma, J. M. Rinta-Kanto, and M. A. Moran. 2011. Quantitative analysis of a deeply-sequenced marine microbial metatranscriptome. ISME Journal 5:461-472.

Rinta-Kanto, J. M., H. Bürgmann, S. M. Gifford, S. Sun, S. Sharma, D. A. del Valle, R. P. Kiene, and M. A. Moran. 2011. Analysis of sulfur-related transcription by Roseobacter communities using a taxon-specific functional gene microarray. Environmental Microbiology 13: 453–467. 

Vila-Costa, M., J. M. Rinta-Kanto, S. Sun, S. Sharma, R. Poretsky, and M. A. Moran. 2010. Transcriptomic analysis of a marine bacterial community enriched with dimethylsulfoniopropionate. ISME Journal 4:1410-1420. Gifford, S. M., S. Sharma, J. M. Rinta-Kanto, and M. A. Moran. 2011.

Newton, R. J., L. Griffin, K. Bowles, C. Meile, S. Gifford, C. E. Givens, E. Howard, E. King, C. A. Oakley, C. R. Reisch, J. M. Rinta-Kanto, S. Sharma, S. Sun, V. Varaljay, M. Vila-Costa, J. R. Westrich, and M. A. Moran. 2010. Genome characteristics of a generalist marine bacterial lineage. ISME Journal 4:784-798.

Poretsky, R. S., S. Sun, X. Mou, and M. A. Moran. 2010. Transporter genes expressed by coastal bacterioplankton in response to dissolved organic carbon. Environmental Microbiology 12:616-627.

Poretsky, R. S., S. Gifford, J. Rinta-Kanto, M. Vila-Costa, and M. A. Moran. 2009. Analyzing gene expression from marine microbial communities using environmental transcriptomics. Journal of Visualized Experiments. doi: 10.3791/1086.

Moran, M. A. 2009. Metatranscriptomics: eavesdropping on complex microbial communities. Microbe 4:329-335.

Poretsky, R. S., I. Hewson, S. Sun, A. E. Allen, J. P. Zehr, and M. A. Moran. 2009. Comparative day/night metatranscriptomic analysis of microbial communities in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Environmental Microbiology 11:1358 - 1375.

Mou, X., S. Sun, R. A. Edwards, R. E. Hodson, and M. A. Moran. 2008. Bacterial carbon processing by generalist species in the coastal ocean. Nature 451:708-711.

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Poretsky, R. S., N. Bano, A. Buchan, G. LeCleir, J. Kleikemper, M. Pickering , W. M. Pate, M. A. Moran , and J. T. Hollibaugh. 2005. Analysis of microbial gene transcripts in environmental samples. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 71: 4121-4126.  

Buchan, A., J. M. González, and M. A. Moran . 2005. An overview of the marine Roseobacter lineage. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 71:5665-5677.  

Moran, M. A. , A. Buchan, J. M. González, J. F. Heidelberg, W. B. Whitman, R. P. Kiene, et al. 2004. Genome sequenceof Silicibacter pomeroyi reveals adaptations to the marine environment. Nature 432:910-913.


Lab members, Spring 2010.


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